Private API

Here at Xpenditure we currently make use of a private API. For more info about this don’t doubt to contact us. We are working hard to get an open API soon, when it’s ready all info about this wil appear here.

Open API (Beta)

Hooray!!!! The long expected Xpenditure API is finally getting shape and soon you can start discovering all the unique Xpenditure endpoints. This is especially useful for developers, because it gives them the ability to test their applications to integrate with Xpenditure in a unified way. Please note that the BETA endpoints are currently in beta, not yet generally available and so subject to change.

The Xpenditure API (beta) provides programmatic access and is organised around REST. Requests and response are sent using JSON and all API access is performed over HTTPS/TLS connections.

Request BETA


Our dedicated team is here to help you. If you have any question, remark or compliment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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