Add groups

The provisioning of groups is done by the following file structure. There is the option to set a certain hierarchy to the groups by adding a parent group name or id.

Use the following structure to upload all group data: With the following user provisioning file it is possible to only update and upload full batches of active users without interfering with the status of the previously uploaded user data. The mechanism behind this upload goes as follows: Xpenditure keeps track of all users within the company account, if a new “allusers”-file is uploaded and the “emailaddress” of the user is missing in the new file, the user will be made inactive automatically.

Use the following structure to upload all group data:

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HeadQuarters Xpenditure;HQ01;SALES;SLS01;;1
Header Example Type Required Description
branchname HeadQuarters Xpenditure string Name of company/entity
branchid HQ01 string * Unique company/entity code
groupname Sales string * Name of the group linked to that branch/entity. This is often used for defining departments, cost centers or divisions like sales, marketing, IT, HT etc.
groupid SLS01 string * Unique code of the group
parentgroupid string * Groups can be used hierarchically as subgroups of a parent group. As example: group “Marketing” is the parent group of the subgroups “Online marketing”, “Direct marketing”.
active 1 integer * Active status of the group.