Add users in bulk

With the following user provisioning file it is possible to only update and upload full batches of active users without interfering with the status of the previously uploaded user data. The mechanism behind this upload goes as follows: Xpenditure keeps track of all users within the company account, if a new “allusers”-file is uploaded and the “emailaddress” of the user is missing in the new file, the user will be made inactive automatically.

Use the following structure to upload all users data:

Download example

email;firstname;lastname;language;country;branchname;branchid;groupname;groupid;userid;reimbursementaccount;active;customfield;John;Johnson;Eng;UK;Company ABC;10001;Sales;S00001;123456789;IBAN;0;value;James;Jameson;Eng;UK;Company ABC;10001;Sales;S00001;987654321;IBAN;1;value
Header Example Type Required Description
email string * Email address of the user, this is the unique key within Xpenditure to login to the mobile and web platform
firstname John string * First name of the user
lastname Johnson string * Last name of the user
language eng string * All languages are expressed according to the standard ISO 639-2/T coding. They are mandatory to set the language of a user account. Xpenditure currently supports following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Danish
country UK string * All countries are expressed according to the standard ISO 3166.
branchname CompanyABC string Name of company/entity
branchid 10001 string * Unique company/entity code
groupname Sales string * Name of the group that the user is part of. This is often used for defining departments or cost centers.
groupid S00001 string * Unique code of a group that the user is part of. Often used for departments or cost centers.
userid 123456789 string Unique code for a user. Often used for Employee number or Vendor Number of the ERP system.
reimbursementaccount IBAN string Direct deposit account of the employee where the reimbursement funds need to be received upon.
active 0 integer * Status if user needs to be created in the “active” or “inactive” status. With the “active” status equal to “1”, an automated email is sent upon creation of the user, to verify his account.
customfield XYZ123 string An optional field if any custom fields exists on a user level